Sunday, April 1, 2012

Priesthood Session

Garrett attended his first Priesthood Session of General Conference last night. I was able to get tickets for us to attend at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City. And Greg Frei (our Elder's Quorum President) works as security for the Quorum of the 12. So I took Kyle (his son) down to conference with us since Greg was working. Greg also gave me his parking pass- so we got to park close- underneath the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. We also picked up Uncle Michael and he came with us.

The meeting was great- this was my first time attending a live session of general conference. Anyway- after the speakers, we got up just before the closing song and positioned ourselves near one of the exit doors. Right after the prayer- we quickly walked back over to the parking garage under the Joseph Smith Memorial building and then over to the basement of the church administration building. We saw several members of the Quorum of the 12 being taken over by cart from the conference. We actually got to shake hands and talk with President Uchtdorf, and also with Elder Ballard and Elder Scott. I also stopped and talked with President Ochoa of the General Young Men's Presidency of the Church. What a great night!

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