Sunday, April 1, 2012

Priesthood Session

Garrett attended his first Priesthood Session of General Conference last night. I was able to get tickets for us to attend at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City. And Greg Frei (our Elder's Quorum President) works as security for the Quorum of the 12. So I took Kyle (his son) down to conference with us since Greg was working. Greg also gave me his parking pass- so we got to park close- underneath the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. We also picked up Uncle Michael and he came with us.

The meeting was great- this was my first time attending a live session of general conference. Anyway- after the speakers, we got up just before the closing song and positioned ourselves near one of the exit doors. Right after the prayer- we quickly walked back over to the parking garage under the Joseph Smith Memorial building and then over to the basement of the church administration building. We saw several members of the Quorum of the 12 being taken over by cart from the conference. We actually got to shake hands and talk with President Uchtdorf, and also with Elder Ballard and Elder Scott. I also stopped and talked with President Ochoa of the General Young Men's Presidency of the Church. What a great night!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Carson- such a smart boy

So- last week- I was busy at work when I received a call from the Pre-School. They were asking who was picking up Carson that day... it was then that I remembered that I told Christine I would pick him up (she was home not feeling well). So I quickly headed to the preschool- where Carson told me he was "tired of waiting for such a yong yong time". I apologized to the teachers and headed home with Carson.

On the way home- Carson asked me if he could have a friend over. I told him that Soren Tolman was coming over to the house to play. He asked me how I knew that... and I told him that- well, I'm the dad- so I know lots of things. He then said "but Dad, if you know lots of things, then why did you forget to pick me up?"

Well, needless to say, I didn't have much to say to that. Point taken.

Camille's Experience

It's been too long since our last post... but in the last 11 months- one important item is that Camille was baptized. She was baptized in early September after turning 8 years old. Grandpa and Grandma Vance were there for her special day.

Well, about a month ago, we were sitting in fast and testimony meeting and Camille was clearly anxious about something. She leaned over to me and asked if you had to be asked in order to bear your testimony. I told her no- she then became a little more anxious.

I leaned over and told her I would go up with her if she wanted to bear her testimony. She said she wanted to do it by herself- so she did. She was very confident- bore a beautiful testimony- and came and sat down. When I gave her a hug, she proceeded to put her head on my lap and cry. I asked her why she was sad- and she told me she was very happy. We talked about it later that day- what a special experience for her to recognize the Spirit at a young age. Camille is very special. (posted by Derek)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


In February:

Garrett turned 11! Wow!

His cake of choice: Texas Sheet Cake, yummm!
Garrett earned his Webelos rank, all four compass points, and the Arrow of Light
Good job Garrett!
Hopefully we will only have good scouting memories (not that I ever have to coerce you into working on requirements:)
We love Garrett. He is creative and a great (although often reluctant) pianist. He has really enjoyed learning to snow board with Derek this season and they are can't wait to go even bigger next year!

Happy Birthday Garrett!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Minute to Win It!

This is Elena. She is 51/2. She is intense! She is in it . . . to win it!

Another Walker Graduates!

I had great intentions of documenting this before Christmas . . .then before New Years . . .then with the little video we shot, but alas I can't figure that part out. So I thought I better get it in before David gets his MACC next year.

Raquel's mom and sister came to Idaho to support the grad!

Congratulations David!

We were glad to be there and show the Walker support

(especially because my parents were missing--missions don't allow graduation leave of absences)

Next stop for David and Raquel. . . Notre Dame's MACC!

We are proud of you and hope to be there when you walk across that Catholic stage too!

Monday, December 20, 2010

just a little catch up!

Merry Christmas from Temple Square!

It was a great night. . .love that Elena is taking a "break"